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The full story behind

Who's Kathy?

Hi! I'm Kathy, I'm 25 years old and I'm the nonconformist who desperately needed to follow a "different" path!

After completing the professional course of Communication in high school, I tried to follow the traditional path of university. I attended two different universities, both courses related with multimedia. Eventually, I decided that I didn't want to go down that path, as I didn't felt any enthusiasm about it. Partly because I already knew how to do most of the technical things they were teaching us, for being very self-taught in this field since high school. And on the other hand, because I couldn't envision a future for myself in which it would be essential to have a piece of paper to confirm my skills.

So I looked for another path! I looked for a new dream that made me want to get out of bed in the morning with a smile on my face! I have always been the girl with the camera, so I knew that would love to work with photography, just needed to work in the details.


And in the meantime I influenced Miguel!

Hi! I'm Miguel, I'm 25 years old, and I'm the one who had already resigned to the "traditional way".

During high school I went through three different courses, in three totally distinct areas: science, multimedia and, eventually, the one I graduated in, car mechanics. 


During this period I had an opportunity to do two trips around Europe that really opened my eyes to the world and was when I discovered my passion for traveling! But,​ unlike Kathy, I had already resigned myself to working the typical 9/5. This being sad, I didn't need much convincing to try something different and prioritize our dreams.

And here am I, working as a travel content creator, with the love of my life, couldn't ask for anything else!


Who's Miguel?

Why content creation?

The dream of being travel content creators was born out of our passion for the art of photography, our immense desire to see the world, and our nonconformity with the idea of ​​working from 9am to 6pm all year, just to have two weeks of vacation and not enjoy life to the fullest. 


Why "Adventuresapiens"?

When we started, we did all the research we could about this new profession of content creators/influencers. We learned enough about marketing strategy, photo editing, logistics of how to take pictures of us as a couple by ourselves, how to post and manage an account, etc, until we finally gained the courage to book our first three trips to create content: Paris, Marrakech and São Miguel, Azores.


The only thing we were missing at this point was the name! The drama of choosing a name! We must have thought about the name for months, until at one point the idea came to us: the evolution of the human species from Homo Sapiens to a new species that just wants to live adventures: Adventuresapiens! And this was how our content creation journey began!


What do we aspire to achieve?

It all started with our goal of being able to travel the world sharing our experiences, but it quickly became a much stronger and deeper goal than the original idea. We realized that we wanted much more than that, we had a huge desire inside of us to inspire and help others to create their dream lives, to chase what makes them really happy! We had finally found something that fulfilled us, something that made us want to do more and better every day! And today we are here, sharing not only our travels, but how we managed to do them, the whole background of being a content creator, how to work with this new area and everything in between.​​

Countries we lived adventures on so far

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